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How Does it Work?

1First, a sample of your hair is taken.
A single strand of your hair is subjected to a cross section analysis, thus determining the denier or texture.

2Second, the color and sheen of your hair is analyzed
The hair sample is subjected to a spectral analysis which determines the overall color of the hair, the various sub-colors, also known as highlights, which impact the appearance of hair under different types of light.

3Third, we form new skin that replicates your cranial contours
By perfectly matching your cranial contours we insure that heat will not build up in dead air space trapped between an ill-fitting hair replacement and your scalp.

4Finally, your hair is styled to your liking.
That's where the HRC staff of extraordinary professional stylists comes in. Each is a master at using hair to complement the positives and erase the negatives of a person’s facial characteristic.

What We Offer

The Folligraft 3.1 Hair Replication
Technique allows for real human hair that is first hand picked to match your growing hair in color, texture, sheen and wave or curl then inserted into a liquid skin membrane in a direction that is geometrically matched to your growing hair.

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Methode Trapeze
“Bridges” the gap between your thinning hairs. Like two trapeze performers reaching out and meeting in mid-air, Methode Trapeze creates a bridge between your growing hairs. This bridge “closes” the space between hair shafts that, because of your thinning condition, are distanced from one another.

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  • How many of these have you done at your Long Island facility?
    Since HRC's inception, we have helped thousands of men and women.
  • Can someone really run their fingers through my hair without feeling anything?
    Certainly. At HRC, some of our clients are married or involved in long term relationships while others enjoy the single lifestyle with plenty of dating and partying.
  • Are the after photos of HRC's website and printed material of your average client?
    Absolutely! HRC supplies each and every client the raw material he or she needs to look 100% natural in any situation.
  • Will wearing a system have a detrimental effect on my remaining hair?
    With the exception of hair weaving and the use of some adhesives not approved for use on skin, the answer is definitely no. Hair weaves pull hair to the point of creating chronic traction on the hair as do hair extensions, eventually causing first temporary, then permanent hair loss. The use of caustic, non-professional adhesives can eventually burn the hair follicle as electrolysis does when permanently removing hair.
  • Since I became interested in hair replacement I can spot one from across the street. Can't other people see that I have one?
    This is the FAQ of FAQ's. Honestly speaking, if (and the key word here is "if") a realistic amount of hair is added, if the hair used is a perfect duplicate of your own, as explained in taking a sample and matching color and sheen, if you are marginally adept at styling your hair and engage in sound personal hygiene, no one, not even the people in your office, classroom, or living next door need know what you have done. Many of our clients initially express the same fears. Once they saw how great their hair looked and how natural it felt and reacted to the elements, they began to understand the number one rule of hair replacement. “You only see the bad ones”.
  • I heard from several companies that synthetic fiber is better than human hair, yet HRC claims human hair is the best. Which is really better?
    As in any business, everyone wishes to portray their process as being the best. At HRC, our over 39 years of experience and large R & D budget combine to help us master the art of purchasing, processing, and preserving real human hair. It also helps that we are big enough to inventory vast supplies of European quality hair to insure a perfect match in color (including highlights), sheen, denier, and wave pattern. While using less expensive and more readily available synthetics alleviate the need for large inventories, the look and feel of natural hair compels us to go that extra yard to insure client satisfaction.
  • How much will it cost?
    The price of your hair replacement will depend on the size of your balding or thinning area, the type, color, and texture of your remaining hair, etc. There are too many variables to give an accurate price, but the average replacement sells for between $2,000 and $3,000. U.S. dollars.
  • What if I try your system and find it doesn't work into my lifestyle?
    Our computer records clearly show, we satisfy an astounding 99.92%. The statistics were compiled from our client files, and represent histories of men and women, just like you, who entrust us with their personal appearance. With positive results like these we can easily afford to extend the most comprehensive guarantee in the business. We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee (as explained in our contract). All you have to do is try our system for a full 30-day period.


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