Folligraft 3.1 - created with our patented Individual Strand Application is a non-surgical solution to problem hair loss. This unique and innovative procedure is performed exclusively by professional technicians at our Hair Replacement Center and allows us to replace hair back into your own in a natural growth direction. This ensures complete styling flexibility without necessitating an overabundance of hair (so characteristic of other antiquated methods).

Northport Hair Restoration for Women -

Just like trapeze performers who meet and join in mid-air, Methode Trapeze creates bridges in the gaps between hairs. It’s onto these bridges that new, 100% human hair, can be inserted. The result is a secure, natural and sane approach to restoring womens' hair loss. With Methode Trapeze, you can pinpoint the hair restoration to isolated thinning areas or fill in a scalp from nape to hairline. No matter how much, or how little hair you require, Methode Trapeze’s 100% human hair is indistinguishable from the growing hair it lays alongside.

Northport Hair Restoration for Men -

The Folligraft 3.1 Hair Replication technique allows for real human hair that is first hand picked to match your growing hair in color, texture, sheen and wave or curl, then inserted into a liquid skin membrane in a direction that is geometrically matched to your growing hair. The Folligraft 3.1 membrane resembles a layer of skin: it is porous, so it breathes like skin; it is transparent, so it takes on the color of the individuals own skin. Before the graft application occurs, the skin of the scalp is thoroughly exfoliated of dead skin cells, expediting a naturally-occurring process. The grafting procedure itself is non-invasive and is accomplished through a chemically induced ionization process. All materials have been specially formulated of medical grade and are FDA and/or EU approved for contact with human skin.


These directions are from Google maps starting from:
Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
79 Middleville Road
Northport, NY 11768

(35 mins / 27.1 miles)

  1. Head north toward 60's Blvd 164 ft
  2. Turn right onto 60's Blvd 469 ft
  3. Take the 1st left onto Back Gate Dr 0.3 mi
  4. Turn right onto Middleville Rd 0.4 mi
  5. Turn right onto Bread and Cheese Hollow Rd 1.2 mi
  6. Turn left onto County Rd 11/​Pulaski Rd 0.7 mi
  7. Take the Sunken Meadow Pkwy S ramp 0.1 mi
  8. Merge onto Sunken Meadow Pkwy 4.5 mi
  9. Take exit SM1W for Northern State Parkway W 0.3 mi
  10. Merge onto Northern State Pkwy 17.5 mi
  11. Take exit 32 for Post Ave toward Old Westbury/​Westbury 0.2 mi
  12. Turn left onto Post Ave 0.6 mi
  13. Turn right onto Maple Ave 0.5 mi
  14. Continue onto Westbury Ave 0.2 mi
  15. Keep left at the fork - Destination will be on the left

Directions to HRC from Northport, New York

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