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Individual Stand Application

Folligraft 3.1 created with our patented Individual Strand Application is a non-surgical solution to problem hair loss. This unique and innovative procedure is performed exclusively by professional technicians at our Hair Replacement Centers and allows us to replace hair back into your own in a natural growth direction. This ensures complete styling flexibility without necessitating an overabundance of hair (so characteristic of other antiquated methods). First, a "breathable Polymer," or "liquid skin," is precisely contoured to fill in the deficient area and act as an eighth layer of skin. Into it real hair is applied by hand, strand by strand - one strand at a time in a natural growth direction. This newly formed hair-bearing skin is joined to the problem area so as to supplement while perfectly blending with the remaining healthy hair. Your new hair looks completely real since it reacts to the environment as your existing hair does. Your hair can be worn with a side part, parted in the middle or brushed straight back according to your taste. You shampoo and style your hair just as you always have. You can swim, play tennis or football, or simply relax knowing you look natural without fear of your new hair being dislodged. Since the procedure is non-surgical and joined into healthy existing hair by our unique process, sutures, anesthetics or cutting of the scalp are not required. Our average client returns about once every month or two. During the visit he or she receives a refitting, shampoo, conditioning, haircut, and styling. The cost for such a service is little more than you would pay for a good hair styling.


After a free consultation, during which all aspects of our Folligraft 3.1 is fully explained, followed by your willingness to try the procedure, a cranial mold, along with hair samples, are taken. Since it is a custom technique, the deficient area is carefully measured. Any unusual configuration such as a flatfish cranium is noted. From these measurements Hair Replacement Centers makes a perfectly fitted "graft" to fill your thinning or balding area.


Replacement hair should match your hair color and texture exactly. Since hair is never just one tone but a combination of several shades, our experts will take small snippets of hair from various parts of your head to ensure the most natural color-blend. You leave - but the work continues. Individual strands of custom-blended hair are attached by hand to your graft. This is done in a natural growth direction by our highly trained technicians. The very light and fine breathable polymer will allow your scalp to breathe properly. Air, soap, and water easily penetrate, so you will be able to wash your hair and scalp and be hardly aware of it. Your new hair won't interfere in any way with your normal natural hair growth.


Now your new hair is joined directly to the graft which is then applied to your scalp. This too, is done gently by hand. Your new graft will conform perfectly to the configuration of your head and feel comfortably secure.

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