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Just like trapeze performers who meet and join in mid-air, Methode Trapeze creates bridges in the gaps between hairs. It’s onto these bridges that new, 100% human hair, can be inserted. The result is a secure, natural and sane approach to restoring womens' hair loss.

With Methode Trapeze, you can pinpoint the hair restoration to isolated thinning areas or fill in a scalp from nape to hairline. No matter how much, or how little hair you require, Methode Trapeze’s 100% human hair is indistinguishable from the growing hair it lays alongside.

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Natural. Beautiful. Undetectable. These are some of the words that can be applied to Methode Trapeze. You’ve never seen anything like it! Methode Trapeze - so unlike wigs that we hesitate to use it in the same sentence. So lovely that you’ll find yourself catching your reflection in mirrored surfaces, not out of conceit, but out of amazement that it’s really you you’re seeing. So amazing that a hair procedure that accomplishes all you desire could really be real...but it is. The proof is in the pictures.


Methode Trapeze “bridges” the gap between your thinning hairs. Like two trapeze performers reaching out and meeting in mid-air, Methode Trapeze creates a bridge between your growing hairs. This bridge “closes” the space between hair shafts that, because of your thinning condition, have distanced from one another.

Once the gap is closed, 100% human hair is inserted onto the bridge. This augments and supplements your existing hair to provide full cosmetic coverage.

In addition to the utterly natural look of Methode Trapeze, the bridging process also accomplishes one other important objective: Unlike wigs, you can swim in Methode Trapeze, you can shower in it, sleep in it, work out in it, and do all the things you would if it were your own growing hair. Your hair loss doesn't have to stop you from living your life.

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