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The Folligraft 3.1 Hair Replication technique allows for real human hair that is first hand picked to match your growing hair in color, texture, sheen and wave or curl, then inserted into a liquid skin membrane in a direction that is geometrically matched to your growing hair.

The Folligraft 3.1 membrane resembles a layer of skin: it is porous, so it breathes like skin; it is transparent, so it takes on the color of the individuals own skin.

Before the graft application occurs, the skin of the scalp is thoroughly exfoliated of dead skin cells, expediting a naturally-occurring process. The grafting procedure itself is non-invasive and is accomplished through a chemically induced ionization process. All materials have been specially formulated of medical grade and are FDA and/or EU approved for contact with human skin.

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Here are some important facts that underscore the Folligraft 3.1 technique:

  • Folligraft 3.1 is the single most significant development in hair loss replacement in decades. HRC is proud to offer this affordable and pain-free alternative to hair transplants for both men and women of all ages.

  • Folligraft 3.1 is a choice that "splits the difference" between surgery and conventional hair loss replacement. Unlike surgical techniques, Folligraft 3.1 requires no "donor" area, nor is its success dependent upon the availability, texture and curl pattern of donor hair.

  • The Folligraft 3.1 procedure can be used to provide additional hair to those who've already undergone hair loss replacement surgery but want greater density. In fact, over 75% of our clients had transplant surgery prior to coming to HRC for our procedure. Some have spent in excess of $50,000.00 before giving up on surgery.

  • Folligraft 3.1's capability to replace hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a frontal hairline, makes it ideal for sufferers of male and female pattern baldness, alopecia, chemotherapy patients, and burn and scar victims.

  • Folligraft 3.1 is the non-invasive hair graft - surgery is not required to fulfill its hair replenishing properties.

  • Folligraft 3.1 results in a demonstrable increase in cosmetically significant hair, unlike chemicals that produce insignificant velo hair (short, non-pigmented "peach fuzz").

  • The results of the Folligraft 3.1 procedure are guaranteed - there is no waiting period to see if it will actually work.

  • Folligraft 3.1 looks, feels, and acts like real growing hair because it is real human hair.


Hair Replacement Center would like to share some of our client testimonials with you. Our staff is here to help you look your best and will be by your side each step of the way.

"I just thought that I should let you know how pleased I am with the Folligraft 3.1 systems that you made for me. I have been a hairpiece wearer for 20 plus years and have tried many other systems. Yours is by far the best for appearance and comfort." - Donald E. Back

"With Folligraft 3.1 being applied right to my scalp it is virtually impossible, even for me, to find where the system ends and my own hair begins. The hairline is impeccable and gives me the opportunity to wear my hair however I wish, even straight back, with complete confidence, even when wet or in direct sunlight. To date the H.R.C. system is more durable and my head feels clean and comfortable. I honestly feel as though I got my hair back." - Lee Ehrlich

"Special thanks to your caring and talented staff of stylists who would never let me go till all the T’s were crossed and the I’s dotted. It’s because of your advanced system and attention to detail that I no longer feel I’m “wearing" something. You folks are the best I encountered during a quest for hair that has spanned over three decades." - Lance Greenfield

"Having been a client of HRC for over seven years now I feel no reservation in recommending them. Over the years their procedure has gotten even better. From management to shampoo girls you will find them professional and caring individuals who will help you to look and feel the way you want in no time. My advise to you is don’t wait, don’t live another year not enjoying your life while you wait for the current miracle drug to re-grow your hair. Take the bull by the horns - put an end to your hair problems now." - Sal Julian

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Hair Replacement Testimonials

"I just thought that I should let you know how pleased I am. I have been a hairpiece wearer for 20 plus years...