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Hair Replacement Center would like to share some of our client testimonials with you. Our staff is here to help you look your best and will be by your side each and every step of the way.

To Whom It May Concern,

My Name is Sal Julian. I am a professional hair stylist, own, and operate an upscale salon in central Nassau County. I also had the bad luck to lose my hair to a degree that even the most talented hair stylist couldn't cover up.

Luckily my styling problems didn’t begin till I was in my thirties, but I honestly don’t believe there’s a good time to lose your hair. What I really wanted was living, growing hair so I opted to stay away from hairpieces and “systems” and in 1996 I began the arduous task of finding a good transplant Doctor. After checking into several, I decided on the one I felt was the best and most talented. You could imagine my frustration when, after several years, surgeries and tens of thousands of dollars I was left spraying “hair in a can” on my head. I even had a scalp reduction where they squeezed my scalp together to remove some of the bald spot on my crown. To my dismay the donor area, above my neck and over my ears, where skin had been removed for transplanting to the front and top of my head was now so depleted that the resulting scares were clearly visible through what remained of my precious hair. I had to spray cover up stuff on my head just to hide scars. I put up with excruciating pain, oozing, blood and scabs. For what? The result of my surgeries was a scarred and discolored scalp without enough hair to cover the damage. I went from being unhappy with my hair loss to being disfigured by the Doctor who was supposed to help me. In 2002 I decided to give up on transplanting.

I now realized the only viable alternative to remaining the way the doctors left me was a cosmetic one. I also knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with conventional hair replacement. As a professional stylist I had seen way too many of these and even the “good ones” just wouldn’t do. That’s when I saw the “Folligraft” commercial on TV. It looked very interesting at first and as I investigated it further it seemed to make more and more sense. I will never forget the way I felt after my procedure was completed. I felt I had regained my hair. And I didn’t have to shed a drop of blood, have any discomfort whatsoever, or wait to see if it grew. I walked in unhappy with the way I looked and walked out an hour and a half latter beaming with joy and self-confidence.

Having been a client of HRC for over seven years now, I feel no reservation in recommending them. Over the years their procedure has gotten even better. From management to shampoo girls you will find them professional and caring individuals who will help you to look and feel the way you want in no time. My advise to you is don’t wait, don’t live another year not enjoying your life while you wait for the current miracle drug to re-grow your hair. Take the bull by the horns put an end to your hair problems now.


Sal Julian


To Whom It May Concern,

I had the misfortune to begin losing my hair while still in High School and clearly remember cringing at the thought of going anyplace without my hat. I began “wearing” hair as soon as I could afford it but unfortunately, it was already too late to fool my friends into thinking the hair on my head was my own. They already knew me as the “bald guy”.

As I think back to those early days and the logistical problems associated with “wearing hair” I remember what a tough time I had trying to lead a normal, active, bachelor’s life while wearing a “hair system”. Sure all the hair advertisements touted their product as the best, most natural looking, swim, exercise, be intimate, LAUGH AT THE WIND J etc. etc…. Bottom line, no matter which company I tried, (and I think I tried them all from the most exclusive, and expensive, “Club” to the cheapest but talented “Barber”) I could never get over the feeling that I was wearing something unnatural.

It wasn’t till 2006 that I was introduced to Folligraft. I was dating a hairstylist at the time and she took me to a Salon trade show. I was already a seasoned veteran hair wearer with the attitude that there was nothing new under the sun but Folligraft grabbed my attention and that of my hairstylist girlfriend. She latter confided to me that she was trying to muster the courage to suggest I shave my head cause she couldn’t stand the way my current “System” looked. After a brief explanation of the “Folligraft difference” Jay, a member of the International Folligraft team, told us his hair was not actually growing from his scalp. I could spot a replacement from across a crowded room and I was totally fooled by his hair. My date had to put her fingers through it and still couldn’t detect anything. It was amazing and changed the way I thought about hair replacement.

At Jay’s suggestion we visited the New York Folligraft distributor and that visit changed my life. Thank you H.R.C. for supplying me with the raw material to look and feel my best regardless of my activity. Thanks for caring enough to help me get through those first few awkward months while I made the transition from the overwhelming volume of hair needed to cover the “matrix” in my old system to the truly believable light and airy look of Folligraft. And a special thanks to your caring and talented staff of stylists who would never let me go till all the t’s were crossed and the I’s dotted. It’s because of your advanced system and attention to detail that I no longer feel I’m “wearing something. You folks are the best I encountered during a quest for hair that has spanned over three decades.


Lance Greenfield


To Whom It May Concern,

Before I begin it's important to point out that I am not being remunerated for this, so my opinion is truly without personal reward. Hopefully I'll help someone benefit from my experience without incurring the hassles and expenses I did.

By way of background, I started losing my hair in my early twenties and I am now 38. I first treated my hair loss with Rogaine and eventually had 3 major hair transplants. The Rogaine results were dismal and the transplants, although “medically” successful, did not move enough hair to substantially change my appearance or even hide the resulting scar tissue. In frustration, I abandoned both and in August of 2004 I joined a well known nationally advertised hair replacement “Club”. I remained a member in good standing until January of 2006 when I came to The Hair Replacement Center. Although the “Club” provided a considerable improvement over the transplant, it had several short-comings. Their technology seemed to lag behind the rest of the industry and their prices were considerably more than their competitors offering similar wears. I found their advice to be self-serving and their service leaving much to be desired. Most importantly, their system did nothing to bolster my self-confidence. It had difficulty keeping its color and it "traveled" (moved around my head) each time I washed it. It had a thick, noticeable binding that made me cringe when someone touched my head, a poor frontal hairline and it was, in general, uncomfortable.

In January 2006 I switched to HRC. With their Folligraft being applied right to my scalp it is virtually impossible, even for me, to find where the system ends and my own hair begins. The hairline is impeccable and gives me the opportunity to wear my hair however I wish, even straight back, with complete confidence, even when wet or in direct sunlight. To date the H.R.C. system is more durable and my head feels clean and comfortable. I honestly feel as though I got my hair back.

I'll close by stressing that HRC delivers all this at a reasonable cost and with an easy to communicate with staff that isn't satisfied until I am. Hopefully, this opinion will make someone else's decision easier and feel free to refer to me anyone with more questions.


Lee Ehrlich


Dear Steve,

I just thought that I should let you know how pleased I am with the Folligraft 3.1 systems that you made for me. I have been a hairpiece wearer for 20 plus years and have tried many other systems. Yours is by far the best for appearance and comfort (very important in the hot, humid climate here in the Arabian Gulf). After 3 months, I am still wearing the first and it is holding up very well. It has been subject to intense sun, swimming in chlorinated pools and diving in salt water. The only maintenance required so far has been one color correction due to oxidation. Otherwise it’s in perfect shape. Please feel free to use my comments in any way.

Please keep my details on file. I plan to come to your New York studio this coming March. A few months prior to my visit I plan to reorder (the same as my original order). When I stop by, I will collect same and you can cut it in for me.


Donald E. Back


Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and making my hair system exactly the way I wanted it. The quality of the hair is great and the color came out perfect.

I came to you over 10 years ago when you made my first system and it changed my life. I look younger and feel so much more confident. You always have done your best to please me and if I wasn’t satisfied with the hair you wouldn’t give up until I was.

I would love to tell other women how having more hair can make you feel more confident and younger looking too. Feel free to call me if you need me to help other women make a choice that will change their lives for the better.


Linda L.

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Hair Replacement Testimonials

"I just thought that I should let you know how pleased I am. I have been a hairpiece wearer for 20 plus years...

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