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Learning as much as you can about why you are losing your hair is an important first step in making the right choice. HRC has compiled hair loss information that should prove helpful.

The reality of "Male-Pattern Baldness"

If a man's forbears were bald, chances are he will inherit the trait. From antique folk remedies - such as scalp massage, exotic liniments, and vitamins to Rogaine and Propecia - nothing will reverse or stop the pattern. At best in rare instances they may slow down the inevitable. In some men, the balding process slows after the hairline has receded, in others, when the crown has thinned out.

What is baldness?

Many people who have already begun to lose their hair may consider this to be a pointless question. They are too unhappy over their thinning hair to worry much about what causes it. Although baldness is not a physical disability, most find it depressing believing it detracts from their appearance, makes them look older then their years. Let’s face it, the great majority of men and woman look better with hair than without it. The medical name for baldness is alopecia. It seems to be connected with the male hormone called Androgen. Androgens seem to "turn off" the center in a hair's root or follicle that makes it generate new hair cells. Sooner or later, it happens to almost all men; their scalp follicles stop generating thick "terminal" hairs and instead grow soft, fine vellus hairs. Usually, alopecia appears as male-pattern baldness or female thinning with a slowly receding hairline. A different type of baldness not due to androgens is called alopecia areata. This condition causes small areas to go bald. The hair may grow back eventually with medical treatment.

Why do more men than women go bald?

To begin with, baldness in women may be somewhat more common than most of us know. Men generally scorn wigs, so you usually know it if a man is bald. Women, by contrast, find baldness much more embarrassing than men do and are more likely to wear a hairpiece to conceal it. Still, it is true that baldness strikes more men than women. The main reason is that baldness is precipitated by the male sex hormones of which women's bodies produce very little. When women do become bald, it is less noticeable. Instead of falling out in clumps and leaving areas of the scalp entirely bare, their hair thins out everywhere, but usually without completely exposing any parts of the scalp. When this happens before a woman reaches 40, it is abnormal. If it happens later, especially after the onset of menopause, it is a normal result of the aging process. Today, more women are career oriented. It could be the additional job related stress which is causing more of them to loose their hair and seek our help, or possibly that the look and discomfort of a "wig" is no longer acceptable in the workplace. HRC has successfully solved more hair loss problems for women during the last five years than ever before.

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