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First a sample of your hair is taken.

A single strand of your hair is subjected to a cross section analysis, thus determining the denier or texture. Then the shape of your hair shaft is analyzed - allowing HRC to duplicate your wave characteristic. These aspects must be duplicated if your new hair is to feel the same as your remaining hair when you or someone else puts their fingers through it. It is also important that your new hair reacts to the environment, e.g. get the frizzies, etc., just like the original, so you look as natural at the beach or gym as you do at the office. While other hair replacement firms use inexpensive Oriental or Indian hair, which is straight and coarse, HRC uses European quality hair which is finer, softer, and naturally wavy to give our Folligraft 3.1 technique the best possible feel and appearance.

Next the color and sheen of your hair is analyzed to achieve a perfect match.

A hair sample taken from your head is subjected to a spectral analysis which determines not only the overall color of the hair, but also the various sub-colors, also known as highlights, which impact the appearance of hair under different types of light. For example, some hair looks golden brown under an incandescent light while appearing reddish in sunlight. This is why some, more conventional hair replacements, have an un-natural reddish look that doesn't match the surrounding hair.

Next step is to form a pliable, porous new skin that replicates your cranial contours.

A person's scalp serves as a heat exchange for the body. It is a widely known fact that over 70% of your body heat is lost through the scalp. At HRC, your Folligraft 3.1 is designed to work with your normal bodily functions. By perfectly matching your cranial contours we insure that heat will not build up in dead air space trapped between an ill-fitting hair replacement and your scalp.

Finally, your hair is styled to your liking.

When all analysis, hair blending, and cranial replication are completed, the last step is to join your new hair to your existing hair, then cut and style. The joining process will be accomplished using one of the several superior hair loss treatment techniques HRC has developed. Once we have "filled in the blanks" so to say, client and stylist work together to determine and ultimately create a great look. That's where the HRC staff of extraordinary professional stylists comes in. Each is a master at using hair to complement the positives and erase the negatives of a person’s facial characteristic. Using state-of-the-art styling techniques, your stylist will have a big smile on your face in no time at all. And, yes. Folligraft 3.1 can be styled any way you wish.

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